Horse mackerel (Trachurus picturatus murphyi)

Origin: Sea catch

  • HG / HGT, frozen in blocks.
  • Frozen whole, classified by weight, in blocks.
  • Frozen fillets, skinless, scale less, in blocks.
  • Canned fillets, skinless, boneless, in vegetable olive or sunflower oil or in special sauces.
  • Grated in vegetable oil or in water and salt.
  • Whole (dressed) in water and salt, in tomato sauce or in vegetable oil.


It provides a large amount of vitamin D and B6, as well as iodine, among other vitamins and minerals. It is rich in omega 3 fatty acid that helps to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels, thus protecting and preventing diseases of the cardiovascular system. As well as other fish, it is a source of essential amino acids required by the organism for its proper functioning.