Mackerel (Scomber japonicus)

Origin: Sea catch

  • Frozen fillets skin on, bonne less, interleaved or in blocks.
  • HG / HGT, frozen in blocks.
  • Frozen whole, classified by weight, in blocks.
  • Canned steaks, without skin, without spines, in vegetable, olive or sunflower oil, or in special sauces.
  • Whole (dressed) in water and salt, in tomato sauce or in vegetable oil.


It is par excellence source of omega 3 and vitamin B (B12, B6 and B3) as well as iodine, among other vitamins and minerals. These properties help to improve our metabolism, prevent circulatory diseases, reduce bad cholesterol and therefore heart disease, regulate diabetes, fight cancer, arthritis and strengthen the hair skin and nails.