Mahi - Mahi / Dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus)

Origin: Sea catch
  • Frozen Skin on or skinless fillets, with bone or boneless, (also deep skinned), in block, IWP, IVP, IQF, or interleaved.
  • Medallions (slices) skin on, IQF.
  • Frozen portions skin on or skinless, graded by grams or ounces, IQF, IWP, IVP (vacuum packed).
  • Frozen Whole, gilled and gutted, head on (GG) or headless (HGT), IQF / IWP, classified in pc/kg.
  • Loins, frozen in blocks, IWP, IQF.
  • Fletches, IQF, graded by ounces or pounds per piece.


It provides a high level of proteins, omega 3 fatty acid and mainly vitamins A and D, minerals such as calcium and iron, among others, contributing to a healthy and balanced diet for the body.